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So You Want To…

… roast beef? … make ice cream from scratch? … fry excellent shrimp tempura? … know what ‘creaming’ is? … make bittersweet caramel? … know how to make the perfect steak?

All this and more, coming soon.

Lately, it saddens me to see the sad state of local cooking shows. It’s become a never-ending commercial of brand after brand after brand… neglecting the “why’s” and “how’s” of cooking. Heck, sometimes I even doubt that the “chefs” know why they do what they do.

All this is going to change. This August, we’ll be releasing the first of what we hope to be many episodes of a brand-new cooking show that you’ll be able to watch online (granted you have a good internet connection), for free. We’ll strive to make it an enjoyable yet educational experience for you, our viewers.

We have a few titles in mind, but we wanted to hear from you. Mayhaps you have a suggestion as to what would make a good title. IF you do, post it in the comments section. IF we choose your title, you get to guest star in one of our episodes.

The countdown begins my friends. Please continue to visit this site for further details.


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