Delay & Tidbits


Yes, Food Bytes is delayed.  This is what happens when real life gets in the way of one’s culinary pursuits.  Who would’ve thought it’d be so hard to squeeze writing a script, shooting a show, cooking/baking a few dishes in between taking care of my 5.75 month-old daughter, helping my wife prepare for school, working a full-time job and taking care of a sick cat (who died… I miss you Mew) anyway?!  Well, it sure as heck wasn’t me.  Hehehe…

Now my show’s delayed and I’m not blogging as much as I would want.  Whew… funny how by starting out to do one simple thing, I manage to tangle everything up into one heck of a knot.  Hehehe…

Don’t worry, Food Bytes will still air.  I won’t give up on my dream… it’s just that I won’t set a timetable for it anymore.  It just frustrates me and doesn’t help my confidence.


I’m suddenly feeling chatty, so I decided to write a few notes on our recently completed Daring Bakers challenge.  My apologies for writing these on a separate post.

First, the caramel issue.   I noticed that some people found the dry method of making it rather difficult.  A trick I use is I get a pastry brush, and gently brush the sides with water every so often, to prevent crystallization on the sides, and to help get a more even browning.  It also helps to have the sugar level… after all, if a big clump is amassed in one section of the pan, it’s liable to take longer to cook, burning other parts in the process.  Also, don’t stir or move the pan until the sugar starts to brown.  Moving it too early results in crystallization.  The wet method is easier, but takes longer.

I also find that it helps to think of making caramel as playing chicken (at least it helps me).  You’re basically daring the caramel to go as far as it can go, before halting the process with the cream.  Since I prefer caramel to taste bittersweet, I tend to push it to the very edge (right before burning).

Second, the crust issue.  I too had a difficult time with it, until I smacked myself for forgetting that it is Pate Sable after all.  Meaning it IS crumbly… BUT you can piece it together as you see fit.  Heck, you can form it into a rocket ship and it’d still bake into an edible (if slightly odd) crust.

Last, the mousse.  Yes, I know, I posted some of my thoughts about the mousse already… but here’s something I forgot.  I may have misread the recipe, but I think it’d be better if the cream was only whipped to soft peaks.  It’s easier to integrate, and provides a more even finish.

Well that’s it for delays and tidbits.  My apologies for rambling.  It’s 2:20am, and I’m gonna try and get some sleep.


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